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  • Nikki Cagle


Okay, so, yes, maternity pants with their big stretchy belly band and all the room to breathe are amazing. I invested in two whole pairs and despite their comfiness, it still pained me to shell out money on clothes I will never, ever, wear again. Which is why I made it my mission to seek out maternity-friendly clothes that weren't actually maternity. Simply put - give me all the stretch and flow.

Here's a breakdown of my maternity wardrobe staples - and by staples, I mean, stalk every sale, stock up on every color, and rock nearly every day for nine months. Best part? Instead of packing them away for a friend when they get bumpin', I am still rocking them, because they are bump andpostpartum-friendly!


Are we surprised? We shouldn't be. My go-to Lula staples were as follows: OS leggings, TC leggings {which kind of were like maternity pants with their big belly bands}, Perfect tees {also great for nursing!}, Carly's {and all their flow}, Irmas, Cassies, Julias...wait, I'm sensing a theme. I probably should have just said: ALL the Lula.

{Leggings, leggings, leggings: OS; TC; OS}

{Lula head-to-toe: Carly; Irma & OS leggings; Perfect Tee & OS leggings}

{Love a stretchy bodycon dress for bumps! Lula Julia.}

Psst - shop with one of my fav consultants {with a killer inventory}: Meagan Marshall!

{Old Navy}

Boyfriend. Plaid. Shirts. Need I say more? Really helps that flow and comfort are on trend when you're preggers!

{Boyfriend plaid shirt in medium. Bodycon dress in XS - NOT maternity!}

{Okay, fine, I caved on one Old Navy maternity dress, because SO cute, and it was generous with my bump growth #thanksforthat.}

{American Eagle}

Specifically, something they call "soft pants" on their website. I don't know how I came across them, but when I did - I thanked my lucky stars...and then bought them in every pattern, style and color available. They have major sales on these puppies!

{I felt like the flare balanced my belly - no?}


If you've been around, you already know about my love of PinkBlush. They make clothes specifically to stretch with you when pregnant - but shrink back with you postpartum. There is no ruching, no belly bands, nothing making it "maternity," other than heaven-ness stretch.

{Dress & kimono from PinkBlush! I also did my maternity shoot in my favorite PinkBlush dress of all time.}


Pros about SheIn: CHEAP. Cons: takes a while to ship. If you're not in a hurry I highly recommend ordering from SheIn. Their bodycon dresses are like stretchy t-shirts that grow with your bump. And did I mention it's CHEAP!? #score

{Left & middle: same dress at 19 weeks and 29 weeks! Right: another comfy stretchy number.}


A fellow-preggo turned me on to Merona tanks because they are insanely long and perfectly cup over the bumpage. They are almost always on sale, so, I mean, why not buy them in every color!?

{All tanks in Medium!}

{Kiki LaRue}

I already had some Kiki in my closet, and dreamt of the day it would adorn a bump. Dreams majorly came true, people.

{Dress, palazzo pants & dress = soft flowy goodness!}

There's also something really nostalgic about wearing something later down the line and knowing it dressed my bump, too. Win-win wears!

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