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  • Nikki Cagle


Black as a slimming trick - groundbreaking, right? We're not recreating the fashion wheel here - we all know black is a go-to slimmer. I pretty much lived in black {leggings} postpartum. And even now that I'm feeling much more fit-mom-ish and less frumpy-mom-ish, I've kind of become accustomed to my black. Colorful me - accustomed to black. Motherhood does things to you.

Now, pair black with a bodysuit, and you're in the double-slimming business. In the right fabric, a bodysuit can be like a one-piece that's sucking & tucking you in all the right places. Bonus: it's not a bathing suit, and you're not on the beach feeling all sorts of body-conscious. Trust me, bodysuits {or, as they appear in my new-mom head - adult onesies} are where it's at!

Not quite as slimming, but equally as appealing to me these days: mom jeans. I am, afterall, a mom. Not that this stopped me from rocking high-waisted mom-jeans pre-twinlets. Rebel that I am.

Last random thought from my recent fashion files - let's talk about Tobi. I've long shied away from buying from Tobi because - well, models be fiercely fit. Which always begged the question - how isthat going to fit this shorter & stouter bod. Slowly but surely, Tobi's endless sales broke me down - and now I can officially tell you that any ol' average girl can rock it like their gorgeous amazon models.

Fabrics are quality, fit is on par, fashions are trending, AND prices are enticing. Like, annoyingly enticing. Enter my newest shopping obsession—and my latest apology, for turning you into a Tobi fiend like me.

Top: Tobi {size small} // Pants: Anthropologie - sale, no longer available; Similar & Similar // Shoes: Oldies from god-knows-where; Similar & Similar // Head scarf: Ancient; Similar // Earrings: Francescas: Oldies; Similar & Oh-so-boho

Photo cred: Instagram & Blog Husband {Thanks, Babuh!}

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