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  • Nikki Cagle


Hi, my name is Nikki, and I'm a certified shopaholic. I was born with this disease, and it has only grown with age & experience. I have so many clothes in my closet that I dread putting freshly washed clothes away because I know it will be a serious maneuver & workout mission to get one more piece of clothing to fit. Yet, I continue to shop—I just can't help myself. But how, HOW do I shop so much and leave no debt in my trail? It's not because I'm a millionaire, because I am certainly not. It's because I am a sifter. Sifting is my t h e r a p y—I could sift for hours on end, Starbucks in hand, without a care in the world. And where do I do said sifting? {So many questions about this disease...} The Maxx. TJMaxx, to be exact. Sure, I sift other places, too, but the Maxx was one of my first sifting-grounds, and it's still my go-to place for bargain-meets-trends pieces.

Need a special occasion dress for a date night in 4 hours? To the Maxx. Need a "this says business-but-fun" outfit for a conference? Maxx. Need Coachella-inspired beachwear, new wedges, a rug for the entryway, a long necklace to go with your Coachella-wear, and a gift for Mom—but you only have time to go one place? Good thing the Maxx has it ALL.

If you have never been to TJMaxx—go, now. If you don't live near a Maxx—move, like, yesterday. Oh, but wait, did I mention that the Maxx is now ONLINE? You can thank me any time—and also, apologize to your husband for me. It's not my fault—it's the disease.

{Hi, Mom! Having my mom shoot this Maxx-style was quite befitting—considering I got the disease from her. It's hereditary, don't you know?}

Dress: TJMaxx {in-store} Another floral flouncy option online, a solid flirty option, a super fun cut-out option & just a patterned little shift that I adore! // Black Bandeau: AE at TJmaxx {in-store} A bright option online, a graphic patterned crop, an a w e s o m e structured bodice crop & hellooo stunning animal print! // Shoes: TOMS Shoes {no longer available} Similar & NEW bright beauties // Jewelry: A mix from the Maxx {in store} & elsewhere—Necklace: Similar & Similar; Bracelets: Similar & Gorgeously unique square rose gold {wish list!}; Earrings: Similar // Sunglasses: TJMaxx {in store} Similar Balmain {!!!} & Similar House of Harlow

Happy Maxx'ing!

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